We can do everything - and we will not rest on our laurels.

Any task will bе considered, even if it is out of our specific. Working with us is nice and easy, because you can entrust us with any project without worrying of its implementation.


To help even the beginner or skilled developer with realization of their projects, because the realization of any project goal can be really problematic without necessary abilities. Mist will help you to solve this problem, once and for all, for we will create a quality design for any of your project and you will waste no time searching for an expert.

If you are on a tight budget or don’t have enough time – contact us and we will help! You can always count on us for everything. Every client with us is our partner, friend, and a person who won’t walk out on.

A Core Team

Your personal project and realization control assistants.

Proposed Services

The areas and ways of the service, we are working in and good at.

Branding & Logo design:

It is always important for any project to create the image representing the project or the company. This image is often a logo or corporative image of a company. The main goal of our company is to make the elements of a corporative style and a logo recognizable, to make people say: “Oh, those are guys created that cool project!” We are not fond of glitz and we think that the main base of corporative style is simplicity. That is why we make simple yet recognizable logos and identities.

Web and UI design interfaces:

What can be more important in interaction with a project, than an interface? It doesn’t matter how interesting the game you’ve created is, when the interface is weird – your project feels weird. Nowadays more and more developers make a big mistake, they create an interface that’s not user friendly, but for skilled users. It is very important for us to create an interface design clear to EVERYONE, no matter if it is for young or old. We are not looking for easier ways, but we will do our best to make a friendly interface for users of all ages and genders, so everyone will get pleasure from playing your game.

Concept art & Illustrations:

Every concept has begun with an idea. How can the idea exist without its visual component? Let everything that appears in your imagination be brought to life with forms and lines. Our artists will be that “brush,” drawing even the most incredible things from your imagination. It is very important to draw every idea as intended, as accurately as possible, for we will deal even with the boldest ideas for images.

3D modeling and sculpting:

One of our main specialties is the creation of high poly and low poly models. The main principle here is quality material creation for its future realization on necessary engines, for fast and convenient work with the project. We can provide the qualitative PBR textures, required maps for the tuning of materials objects, and models with necessary polygon restrictions of any specific purpose. We can create and prepare everything you need; from the model of the character, to the column of the castle; everything that you will need in your project.

Graphic design:

Developers often shift the need for graphic design to artists, which solve completely different problems; there is no reason to bother artists when an expert can make it. Do you need a poster for your game or a beautiful, stylized title on your loading screen? Maybe, for you, it is just like a simple label on a bottle. When we talk about the maximum quality of the image, it is important to consider small details to make a special atmosphere to project. We can offer you graphic design service for any of you project purposes, and we will do it professionally and qualitatively, in the best tradition of graphic design!

3D interactive presentations on Unreal Engine 4:

In the new era of VR, you want to present some of your ideas in 3D space to give the whole spectrum of the environment an area for complete feelings of the project. The Unreal Engine is a perfect base for realization of such ideas, and that’s why our team can make the idea of 3D first-person presentation a reality. It can be the interior design of an apartment or an architectural construction presentation, or it can be a fantasy world – we can realize a breathtaking space with the future opportunity of using it with VR.

Sound design:

Any project, game or presentation can’t exist without qualitative sound. The qualitative and rich sound can drastically change your impression of the project, make it a lot better. The goal of our team is not just to fill the atmosphere of your project with good sound or music, but to create harmonic visual and sound integration.