Bow 3D View

Oven 3D View


Environment props creation for Grimm Odds game

Grimm Odds is an adventure survival game with an open world setting by Indonesian team “Batavian Studio”. The project was quite large in scale and developers have done the huge amount of works, but unfortunately, the project was cancelled during development.

Our company made the low-poly models of an oven and a hunting bow for this project, while maximum quality of detailed objects and realistic image was our main goal, despite of the lack of polygons. Moreover, the PBR textures were created for the objects and necessary additional texture maps to make the models’ textures look perfect on the engine.

Our team was honored to collaborate with this team and we are looking forward to future collaboration on this project. Meanwhile, from the whole Mist team we would like to wish members of the Batavian Studio good luck in their future team reorganization and all the best in new projects!


Batavian Studio


December 2015 - January 2016


Grimm Odds