Interactive Architectural Template (Blueprints for UE4)

The template allows you to easily define which objects can be changed by the user. Materials can also be changed if that option is made available. The artist or architect defines a material list and the client can cycle between them to see the variations, or show variations in presentation form. If needed, the template also allows for the artist or client to show the dimensions (which are pre-defined). The dimensions themselves can be hidden during the planing stage, as well as enabling and disabling material and mesh cycling.
Dimensions and “hidden” objects will pop up when the user is within close proximity.

Features list:

Pre-define objects/materials and cycle through them in a presentation.
Show or hide any object whilst they are presenting.
Change the colour of an object in real-time.
Display and hide the pre-written dimensions of an object.
Dimensions can be made to always orient to the player.
Deeply customizable text field – fractional digits, gap, size, color, everything you need!
Enable and disable cycling meshes or materials on interactive objects.
Define what type of interaction is available for the object.

Engine Compatibility

4.9 +

Intended Platform


VR support

Vive (Oculus is coming soon!)

Download blueprints