Kitchenware for UE4

Different assets for every kitchen filling.

This package allows easily filling of any kitchen for the architectural visualizations. The package contains different assets to suit any common need and add an extra depth for the scene. PBR Materials will shade nicely in every light setup and high resolution textures will cover the problem of the close-up renders.
Every model in this package has two or more material presets. Complex objects or objects which are made of several small parts composed into handy blueprints, which will help with a setup and tweak their look. Also models are splitted into the different materials IDs, so there will be no problems with assigning custom materials on every part of the models.
As a tasty bonus this package includes a demo scene which has 2 well-tweaked seamless architectural materials: wall tiles and the tabletop stone.
Also package comes with a 3d file, PSDs with every layout for the objects and with neutral textures such as normal maps, curvature maps and ambient occlusion maps, which will help anyone make their kitchenware look unique!


Unreal Engine 4







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