A Virtual Reality discovery based journey

Micro Cosmic Worlds is a discovery based journey into unseen worlds of the microcosmos. Using the power of virtual reality, you (the player) are transported deeper and deeper into the worlds of the infinitesimally small. Based on science in design and scale, Micro Cosmic Worlds proves that fact is often stranger than fiction.

Micro Cosmic Worlds is a VR project fully developed by our team. We did almost everything – from sounds of colliding pollen to code part on Unreal Engine 4. We also developed various concepts and full range of promotional materials for exhibitions and advertisement. With this project we learned a lot. We learned to program the game mechanics, AI, logic and we learned a lot about VR optimization. The hard part about VR platforms optimizations taught us to find solutions in hard and almost impossible to solve situations, but we dealt with all defined tasks and we’re inviting you to try out our game. Hope you will like it!


Codon VR


PC, HTC Vive, Oculus


Steam Store, Oculus Store

Microcosmic worlds website