UI and art design for Quest for Plunder game

Quest for Plunder is an adventure turn-based game in an open world setting by Rock’n’Glory studio and has been launched exclusively for the Apple Watch

Our team created all the UI design, promotional material, and art for this project, along with the main logo for the game.

The main goal of the UI’s design was to create icons and images which would be simple and clear to everyone, so these concepts would not be lost, even on the small screen of the Watch. That is why we chose a minimalistic design with simple, un-shaded, detailed contours, which would make the clearest icons. All these elements were made in vector for further use in any format and size. It also helped developers to transfer the game from the Apple Watch to the iPhone without any problems.




November 2014 - September 2015


Apple Watch, IPhone

Quest For Plunder in App Store