Logo creation and web design for Rock’n’Glory company

Rock’n’Glory is a studio designing mobile apps and mobile game. Our primary mission during the creation of their logo was to highlight the high technological prowess of the company and to create an endearing image, which would spark interest in potential customers, which is important, as the company in rather young on the market of mobile game development.

We have created a unique symbol for the company, consisting of the abbreviation of joined letters R and G, and have also put the main symbol into a rectangle with round corners to focus on its form and to make it appear as a branded emblem, which is also used in the name of the company, with a medium cyan and charcoal color scheme.

We tried to make a very simple and clear interface for the website; using large blocks of text, they were changed into simple, detailed icons with short lines of text, designed with future adaptations for mobile devices in mind. The website was intended to be a landing page with separate links to every specific project developed by the company.

The design of the website was approved by the costumer, but unfortunately, was not launched.