Is the mankind strong enough to restore what they've destructed over the last century? What life is going to be like now?

The Skies is an MMO game in a post apocalyptical setting by Ukrainian studio EFORB. It is a large, rough world for exploration, but is filled with different mutated creature enemies of varying nature, but also with enemy human raiders. Beyond the setting, there are other specialties, which are an expanded economy system and countless ways to run your own business development.

 Motorcicles concept arts.


The Skies draineman

Сoncept art of the draineman, a dangerous enemy, who lives in the sewers.


The Skies lich

Concept Art Leach, deadly enemy.


The Skies two-headed dog

Concept art mutated dogs.


The Skies The Kimary

Concept Art Kimari city, structures based on road overpass. At night, there are also safe as the day, as the city is half of the prison, and it is protected.

Concept arts and illustrations creation for The Skies game

Completed concept art for the project contain different scaled artwork of the cities, locations with landscape imagery, types of promotional content, and concepts of monsters and animals. Furthermore, there is an art book with black-and-white detailed illustrations from the game.

This game is in the TOP-10 on IndieDB and has been Greenlit in Steam within 10 days. There are ways to support the developer’s team on the game’s official website and also vote for them on IndieDB. Meanwhile, our team wishes EFORB a successful start of the project! We fully support you, guys!



Concept Artist

Igor Burlacov


PC, Mac, Linux game


Early access